SSFN cadres clash in Mahottari, 3 injured as left bloc

Dec 6, 2017-Three people were injured when cadres of left alliance and Sanghiya Samajwadi Forum Nepal (SSFN) clashed in Gaushala of Mahottari district on Tuesday night.

Pramod Mahato of the left alliance is said to have sustained critical injuries in the clash. Mahato, who sustained deep cut in his head, was rushed to the Regional Hospital for treatment.

It has been learnt that preparations are underway to take Mahato to Kathmandu for further treatment.

Manoj Singh and Bipin Singh of the left bloc, who sustained minor injuries in the clash, have already returned home after receiving treatment at Primary Health Centre in Gaushala.

Eyewitnesses said that the cadres of left alliance and SSFN engaged in clash for around 30 minutes.

The clash ensued after the cadres of SSFN wielding sharp weapons surrounded them out of nowhere, left alliance cadres said.

According to left alliance cadres, SSFN parliamentary election candidate from Mahottari constituency-1 Laxmi Mahato himself had led the group.

Mahato, however, said that they were forced to retaliate after the left alliance cadres tried to attack them with knife.

Police said that they are looking into the case.