India or China: does not matter as long as voters have livelihood means

KATHMANDU, Dec 6: The Washington Post, one of the world’s leading newspapers has argued that following Thursday’s elections, each vote will help to determine whether Nepal will rely on either of its two neighbors.

The article provides anecdotes of how China is expanding its influence in Nepal by scaling up investments to construct hospitals, airports, roadways and assessing feasibility to set up rail links and power transmission lines to expand its influence.

The national election comes as China is expanding its influence across
 Asia, including by ramping up investments in Nepal — a development that 
analysts say has rattled India, long the dominant Asian power in the country,” the article read.

The election will not just institutionalize federal republic in the country; it also gives an opportunity for Nepal to restore its past glory of sovereignty and independency. The election will lead political stability in the country and ultimately to speed up development.

However, for many people, especially those residing in rural areas, foreign policy is of least concern. Instead, each of their votes will stamp the ballot papers with hopes to address existing challenges that they face every day: roads connectivitybridges, clean drinking water, and sanitation amongst others to eke out a living.